Get to know me

Hey everyone, 

I started my career with Peter Mark when I was 16, while I loved hairdressing, after 23 years I knew I wanted to do something more.

When my aunt was going through Chemotherapy, I was amazed at how beautiful & normal her hairloss team made her feel and I was fascinated by the wigs, I quickly realized that this was the career change I was looking for.

After taking various hairloss related courses in the UK, I decided to volunteer, on my day off, to work in Snipswigs. I was able to learn the practical skill of fitting wigs but most importantly, the psychology of how hairloss affects each of us individually during this time. After one and half years volunteering, I officially joined Snipswigs and became a specialist in helping woman with hairloss and scalp concerns spending my days guiding people during their vulnerable moments.

During lockdown 2020, I started my training in restoring wig hair and wig caps with Ellen Wille. This has become a vital service for us as the cost of hair has become so expensive and also we can help the environment so its a win win. 

After 5 years working in Snipswigs, I decided to venture out on my own. I realized people are at their most comfortable in their own surroundings so a few days each week, I allocate to just that, travelling to you in your home or hospital room and help guide you in your hair journey.

Each year I attend training & information seminars, which covers the latest education on hairpieces, cap repairs/ fibre hair restoration/ alterations & hair maintenance.

Last year I also attended a 4 day course on integrated hair systems and full hairpieces that can be worn for upto 5 weeks. This means that I can help people who wish to use a semi permanent hair system which is tailored to each persons unique hair need and also means that no client needs to see their scalp if they dont wish to.

I have completed a part time course at UCD, learning the Biology of human hair growth to give me more of an understanding of hairloss/ scalp concerns and the reasons behind it.

I have done numerous courses with Loreal and Kemon on scalp care and currantly work alongside Ruebers tricology line which are the leading scalp & hair line on mainland Europe.

I have trained in Oncology care & Aesthetics with OTI Ireland which mean i can advise chemotherapy clients on the best avenue going forward regarding their scalp and hair care regime without any medical contradictions. This is vital if colouring or perming is going to commence or during the cold cap process.

I actively wore wigs for 4 years myself as a result of hair loss from hormonal issues, 2 of these years I was a daily wig wearer so I completely get how you are feeling. Its a vunerable journey but one you dont need to take alone.

Gill x